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Exameron is a SaaS product development agency focused on creating new-to-market, business-driven software that scales. Let's build something amazing together.


Get organized and close more sales with Simple Sales Tracking

SaaS product business built and brought to market ourselves. Business sold after many years growing the product and customer base.

  • Company sold in 2017
  • Low churn and massive customer LTV
  • An easy-to-use tool that sales teams enjoy using
  • Global customer base

Let's build something amazing together.

Our team of overachievers




Andre is our resident 'Beanie' with all the necessary acronyms after his name. He is great with numbers but less great at making his Border Collie listen.


Operations Coordinator

Amber is an outdoor enthusiast who loves traveling with her family, homeschooling, and studying herbal remedies and homeopathy. When indoors, she can often be found in the kitchen cooking up a variety of dishes from scratch.


Senior .Net Developer

Daniel is a workaholic, but loves spending time with his family. He also loves sports, but always finds an excuse not to practice any, like when a new season of his favorite Netflix series is released.


Senior .Net Developer

Evellyn started out as a software developer back when it was considered uncommon for women in the field. When she is not coding or reading, she'll be at a Crossfit gym or in the kitchen trying to reproduce some weird recipe she saw online.



Shane currently lives farther north than humans probably should. He loves working with talented people to build businesses that deliver incredible value to customers. He's also happy to talk in the 3rd person when the need arises.

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With endless opportunities and limited time, we have to be cafeful how many projects we take on.

We're limited to working with businesses and influencers with established audiences, who have project funding in place. If that's you, please schedule a call.

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